EA Sports FIFA 12 will be released this autumn for Nintendo 3DS, EA has announced.

Promising to be the most authentic, innovative and feature-rich 3D football experience on Nintendo 3DS, FIFA 12 will feature over 500 officially licensed clubs, touch screen controls and the first ever 3D Street Football.

Players can make use of precision shooting by picking a spot precisely from the player's viewpoint using the lower touch screen and then finessing a shot with pinpoint accuracy. The touch screen is also used on set pieces to draw a shot that curves the ball around, or even blast it over the wall.

"We challenged our development team to develop innovative features that would maximize the FIFA experience on 3DS. They delivered intuitive new touch screen controls and a curved pitch in our Street mode that truly brings the 3D elements to life," said Matt Prior, producer for FIFA 12 on Nintendo 3DS. "When you combine these features and many other innovations with all the authentic players and kits for the upcoming season, we are confident that this will be the best football game available on Nintendo 3DS."

In Street Football the matches will feature a curved pitch and lower camera view to make best use of the 3D depth of field. Featuring players wearing the latest street gear, the stage will be set for 5 versus 5 matches in exotic street locales and indoor environments.

In Be A Pro Mode, fans will be able to take their created player on a journey from the streets to ultimately compete for their favourite club and national side.

Players will also be able to take the action online in head-to-head matches over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

You can see the first shot of the FIFA 12 on 3DS here. Expect more info on home console versions soon.

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