FIFA 23 ratings – top leagues player ratings confirmed

FIFA 23 ratings – top leagues player ratings confirmed
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FIFA 23 Ratings Hub:

FIFA 23 ratings – top Ligue 1 & Serie A ratings revealed

UPDATE: 16/09 16:00 BST

With this update of the top Ligue 1 and Serie A players on FIFA 23, we now have the ratings of the best players in the big four football leagues. As expected, PSG dominate their league’s top players.

In Ultimate Team, Ligue 1 and Serie A players have unusually cheap prices, meaning that they are good targets for players who have yet to make bank in FIFA 23.

Who is the highest rated Ligue 1 player in FIFA 23?

As expected, Mbappe is the highest rated player in Ligue 1 as he doubles up as one of the highest rated players in FIFA 23.

Messi is also rated at 91.

Who is the highest rating Serie A player in FIFA 23?

Mike Maignan is the highest rated player in Serie A, at 87 and in goal for Milan, you’d be lucky to pack him as he will likely be a great keeper with a great price on Ultimate Team.

Who are the highest rated Ligue 1 players in FIFA 23?

Kylian MbappePSG91
Lionel MessiPSG91
Neymar JrPSG89
Ben YedderAS Monaco84
Sergio RamosPSG84
SchmeichelOGC Nice83
Carlos SolerPSG83
VollandAS Monaco82
Anthony LopesLyon82
BourigeaudStade Rennais81
Seko FofanaRC Lens81
Gaten LabordeOGC Nice81
Martin TerrierStade Rennais81

Who are the best players in Serie A on FIFA 23?

Di MariaJuventus84

That concludes the latest release by EA, who have revealed to us all of the big leagues now. These are likely most of the top rated players in FIFA 23, though we can expect to see a few big players in other leagues such as the Russian league.

While Ligue 1’s list was dominated by their elite PSG players, the Serie A list was much more varied. Some quality players with low ratings are available, and I think these will make some incredible budget teams on Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 ratings – top Bundesliga ratings revealed

UPDATE: 15/09 16:00 BST

After yet another drip-fed update, EA has announced 25 of the top rated Bundesliga players on FIFA 23. Alongside releasing the top La Liga and Premier League players, we also have the top 25 overall players in the game.

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The Bundesliga is a league dominated by Bayern Munich’s squad, who understandably occupy much of this list. Historically, their players also fetch a high price on Ultimate Team.

Who is the highest rated Bundesliga player in FIFA 23?

Manuel Neuer is the highest rated Bundesliga player in FIFA 23, with a rating of 90. He is the highest rated goalkeeper in the game, sharing the top spot with Thibaut Courtois. Neuer has been at the top of his game for years, and is consistently receiving a well-rounded card on the game.

Highest rated Bundesliga players in FIFA 23

Manuel NeuerBayern Munich90
Sadio ManeBayern Munich89
Joshua KimmichBayern Munich89
Thomas MullerBayern Munich87
Leon GoretzkaBayern Munich87
Christopher NkunkuRB Leipzig86
Kevin TrappEintracht Frankfurt86
Kingsley ComanBayern Munich86
Yann SommerBorussia M’gladbach85
Patrik SchickBayer 04 Leverkusen85
Marco ReusBorussia Dortmund85
Niklas SuleBorussia Dortmund85
Serge GnabryBayern Munich85
Matthijs de LigtBayern Munich85
Peter GulasciRB Leipzig85
Jude BellinghamBorussia Dortmund84
Lucas HernandezBayern Munich84
Alphonso DaviesBayern Munich84
Mats HummelsBorussia Dortmund84
Koen CasteelsVfl Wolfsburg84
Leroy SaneBayern Munich84
Moussa DiabyBayer 04 Leverkusen84
Konrad LaimerRB Leipzig83
Sebastien HallerBorussia Dortmund82
Timo WernerRB Leipzig82

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That concludes the most recent reveal from EA, tomorrow we can look forward to more information which you find on this page.

FIFA 23 Ratings – Top La Liga Players revealed

UPDATE: 14/09 16:00 BST.

EA have just revealed to us the top La Liga players in FIFA 23. After releasing the top Premier League players yesterday, and the top overall players the day before that, EA is drip-feeding us a lucrative amount of information that is only getting us all the more excited for the game’s launch.

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The announced players are sure to demand a high-price in Ultimate Team, and will be great to structure teams around in Career Mode.

With clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Athletico Madrid, La Liga is a highly competitive league with some of the world’s biggest teams. Though, recent seasons have seen the departures of Messi, Ronaldo, and Casemiro, some of La Liga’s highest rated players on FIFA.

This makes this announcement of La Liga‘s highest rated players very competitive as a wider selection of players are vying for that top spot.

Here’s a link to pre-order FIFA 23:

No products found.

Who is the highest rated player in La Liga in FIFA 23?

This is between Benzema and Lewandowski, both rated at 91: the two highest rated La Liga players in FIFA 23. After Lewandowski’s move to Barcelona this summer, he is now a contender for the best player in La Liga. His opposition is Benzema, who is perhaps the best player in the world at the moment.

The 22/23 football season expects the competition between the two to rival that of Messi and Ronaldo who have previously been the top rated players in La Liga in FIFA.

Highest rated La Liga players in FIFA 23

NameTeamOvr. Rating
BenzemaReal Madrid91
CourtoisReal Madrid90
OblakAthletico Madrid89
KroosReal Madrid88
ModricReal Madrid88
ter StegenBarcelona88
RudigerReal Madrid87
de JongBarcelona87
Vinicius Jr.Real Madrid86
ParejoVillareal CF86
AlabaReal Madrid86
Gerard MorenoVillareal CF85
Iago AspasCelta Vigo85
Jordi AlbaBarcelona85
FekirReal Betis85
CarrascoAthletico Madrid85
Joao FelixAthletico Madrid84
OyarzabalReal Sociedad84
ValverdeReal Madrid84

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That wraps up today’s announcement from EA, hopefully tomorrow we can look forward to more information being fed to us.

FIFA 23 Official Premier League ratings

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UPDATE: 13/09 16:00 BST.

After releasing the top 23 players in FIFA 23, EA have now released the twenty five Top Premier League Players. Alongside this, they’re about to drop the most improved players whose value in Ultimate Team and Career Mode are sure to skyrocket.

The Premier League is the biggest football league in the world, and is packed with the most talent. Their player cards are sure to have high stats and an even higher value in Ultimate Team.

One of the best ways to make coins early on in FIFA Ultimate Team is by trading Premier League players, so keep an eye out on these players.

To pre-order FIFA 23, click the link below:

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Top Premier League players

  • Kevin De Bruyne – 91 (Man City)
  • Mohamed Salah – 90 (Liverpool)
  • Virgil Van Dijk – 90 (Liverpool)
  • Ronaldo – 90 (United)
  • Heung Min Son – 89 (Spurs)
  • Casemiro – 89 (United)
  • Alisson – 89 (Liverpool)
  • Kane – 89 (Spurs)
  • Ederson – 89 (Man City)
  • Kante – 89 (Chelsea)
  • Haaland – 89 (Man City)
  • Joao Cancelo – 88 (Man City)
  • Ruben Dias – 88 (Man City)
  • Bernardo Silva – 88 (Man City)
  • Fabinho – 87 (Liverpool)
  • Rodri – 87 (Man City)
  • Robertson – 87 (Liverpool)
  • Koulibaly – 87 (Chelsea)
  • Alexander Arnold – 87 (Liverpool)
  • Lloris – 87 (Spurs)
  • De Gea – 87 (United)
  • Mendy – 86 (Chelsea)
  • Laporte – 86 (Man City)
  • Sterling – 86 (Chelsea)
  • Mahrez – 86 (Man City)

Man City’s players understandably dominate this list.

Highest Pace Premier League Player in FIFA 23

Salah – 90 (90 PAC)

Highest Shooting Premier League Player in FIFA 23

Ronaldo – 90 (92 SHO)

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Highest Passing Premier League Player in FIFA 23

De Bruyne – 91 (93 PAS)

Highest Dribbling Premier League Player in FIFA 23

Salah – 90 (90 DRI)

Highest Defending Premier League Player in FIFA 23

Van Dijk – 90 (91 DEF)

Highest Physical Premier League Player in FIFA 23

Casemiro – 89 (90 PHY)

That wraps up today’s update of the top Premier League players and Most Improved in FIFA 23. Check back in with us daily for updates on FIFA 23 ratings.

This page will be updated regularly as we find out more.

FIFA 23 Official ratings released

UPDATE: 12/09 16:05 BST.

EA have released the top players in FIFA 23.

We spent the morning counting down the minutes to find out who the top 23 highest rated players are, and now that moment is finally here.

At 16:00 BST a countdown on the EA website finally hit 00:00:00, and the top players were revealed to fans and aficionados of the franchise’s last instalment known as FIFA.

Upon the reveal we have been shown the biggest names in world football, how they have been represented in FIFA 23, and how they compare to their FIFA 22 ratings.

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Here are our top picks:

Highest Rated Players in FIFA 23

Messi 91 (-2)
Lewandowski 91 (-1)
Mbappe 91 (0)
Benzema 91 (+2)
De Bruyne 91 (0)

These are the highest rated players available in FIFA 23. Notable changes include Messi dropping 2ratings and Benzema climbing 2 after enjoying perhaps the best season of his career.

Top Fastest Player in FIFA 23

Mbappe – 91 (97 PAC)

Top Shooting Player in FIFA 23

Ronaldo – 90 (92 SHO)

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Top Dribbling Player in FIFA 23

Messi – 91 (94 DRI)

Top Defending Player in FIFA 23

Van Dijk – 90 (91 DEF)

Top Passing Player in FIFA 23

De Bruyne – 91 (93 PAS)

Ederson – 89 (93 PAS)

Top Physical Player in FIFA 23

Neuer – 90 (91 PHY)

Top Talent in FIFA 23

Mbappe 91

FIFA 23 Top rated players

Here’s a list of all the players and their ratings:

  • Karim Benzema – 91 (+2)
  • Robert Lewandowski – 91 (-1)
  • Kylian Mbappe – 91 (0)
  • Kevin De Bruyne – 91 (0)
  • Lionel Messi – 91 (-2)
  • Mo Salah – 90 (+1)
  • Virgil Van Dijk – 90 (+1)
  • Christiano Ronaldo – 90 (-1)
  • Thibaut Courtois – 90 (+1)
  • Manuel Neuer – 90 (0)
  • Neymar – 89 (-1)
  • Heung Min Son – 89 (0)
  • Sadio Mane – 89 (0)
  • Joshua Kimmich – 89 (0)
  • Casemiro – 89 (0)
  • Alisson Becker – 89 (0)
  • Harry Kane – 89 (-1)
  • Ederson – 89 (0)
  • N’Golo Kante – 89 (-1)
  • Jan Oblak – 89 (-2)
  • Erling Haaland – 88 ()
  • Toni Kroos – 88 (0)
  • Marquinhos – 88 (+1)

We think that all of these players are going to be incredibly valuable players in all game modes, including: Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and FIFA World Cup.

That wraps up this selection of players, with EA expected to drip-feed us more ratings in the coming weeks leading up to the games release date.

This page will be updated regularly as we find out more.

FIFA 23 Official ratings release time – when do they drop?

FIFA 23 Player Ratings are set to be released today at 16:00 BST, after an exciting official announcement from EA.

We’re likely to find out the top players, including the fastest, strongest, and most clinical finishers. They will all be perfect for use across a range of game modes.

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UPDATE: 12/09 15:00 BST.

Just under an hour to go until EA reveal the top FIFA 23 player ratings.

This information will help you pick your Ultimate Team when the Web App is launched, during a highly competitive period as the game is being released.

FIFA 23 EA Ambassador ratings confirmed

Following the accidental leak of FIFA 23’s player ratings at the end of August, fans of the franchise were treated with early insider knowledge of the player database.

However, in the month between the leak and the game’s official release date, these ratings can still change. So, anything not officially announced by EA is still up for debate.

Alongside letting us know when we’d find out FIFA 23’s player ratings, we were teased with a reveal of the official EA ambassador ratings.

Here’s a quick overview of notable inclusions in EA’s Ambassadors.

Mbappe Rating Reveal - 91

Mbappe is the highest rated EA ambassador and is the latest cover star. Rated at 91, unchanged from FIFA 22, his card dons a scarily impressive 97 Pace, 92 Dribbling, and 89 Shooting.

Son Rating Reveal - 89

Son’s card is a controversial one. Despite scoring 23 goals and sharing the Golden Boot with Mo Salah, his card is unchanged from the franchise’s previous instalment.

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His shooting increase from 87 to 89 is the only notable difference as all of his other stats aside from defending have remained consistent. That being said, his card is still extremely formidable and players of FIFA 23 will be extremely lucky to pack him.

Vinicius Jr Rating Reveal - 86

In recent seasons Vinicius Jr. has become one of Real Madrid’s key players. His upgrade from 84 to 86 really reflects his value, and his in-game statistics will make him a much-desired player in FIFA 23 too. Boasting 95 Pace and 90 Dribbling, this player is sure to be nuisance to defend against.

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FIFA 23 Player ratings: EA Ambassadors released

Here’s the full list of the EA Ambassadors:

  • Mbappe – 91
  • Van Dijk – 90
  • Son – 89
  • Vinicius Jr – 86
  • Pedri – 85
  • Davies – 84
  • Joao Felix – 84
  • Valverde – 84
  • Havertz – 84
  • Grealish – 84
  • Vlahovic – 84
  • Bellingham – 84
  • Pulisic – 82

Other surprises include Havertz and Pulisic’s unchanged cards following disappointing seasons from them.

FIFA 23 Player ratings release countdown

If you’re following EA’s countdown, be sure to check back in with us after 16:00 BST to get the latest updates on FIFA 23’s player ratings.