FIFA 23 market crash – are we heading for FUT market crash?

FIFA 23 market crash – are we heading for FUT market crash?
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There are rumours a FUT 23 market crash could well be on the way once OTW drops in FIFA 23.

A market crash happens in FIFA Ultimate Team when supply outweighs demand.

New inform releases and promotions encourage gamers to buy more packs, flooding the market with players – which means prices drop.

The FIFA 23 market is already seen a number of cards go down in price – meaning there are more people trying to sell their cards. While this is not a sign of a crash for certain, it’s an indicator the market is volatile.

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Is there going to be a market crash in FIFA 23?

A number of YouTubers are already speculating that a crash could well happen – citing both the release of the FIFA 23 Standard Edition, so more players in the ecosystem, and the fact that a number of cards are going down in price. We do not know for certain that a crash will happen.

What we are seeing, though, are some major price fluctuations. Liverpool’s Trent Alex-Arnold, for example, has dropped more than 80% in price, according to Futbin data. Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford has seen around 40% of his price slashed, while tons of other players are seeing 20% wiped off their value.

According to the Futbin’s index, the FUT market is now trending down. There are fears the upcoming Ones To Watch promotion could affect things further.

For savvy traders, market crashes offer a great chance to pick up top cards on the cheap. Rashford is an example of the caliber of player that can currently be snapped up for peanuts.

One to Watch cards focus on the biggest signings of the transfer window. They are dynamic cards that have the potential to upgrade throughout the season based on their performance. Due to the fact they have huge potential, they are sought after by FIFA players and offer far more long-term value than a base card.

The typically update when they receive a performance-based special item, such as Man of the Match or a spot in Team of the Week.

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They are also capable of getting ‘Wins to Watch’ upgrades – a one-time boost to their stats, if they’re part of a team that wins three matches out of their next eight domestic league games starting (from Friday 30th September).

Ones to Watch are due to release on September 30 at 18:00 BST, so we’ll need to keep an eye on what happens.