FIFA 23 how to score free kicks – score more goals with these EXPERT tips

FIFA 23 how to score free kicks – score more goals with these EXPERT tips
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Here’s how you can score free kicks more in FIFA 23.

We’ve already provided a bunch of tips around how to score every penalty in FIFA 23 that’ll give you an attacking edge, but what about when it comes to set plays?

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To make sure you’re as prepared as possible, we’ve teamed up with FIFA expert  Neal Guides – who has had plenty of hands-on time with FIFA 23.

Here, we go through his tips on FIFA 23 free kicks – namely, how to score every time.

How to score free kicks in FIFA 23

Kylian Mbappe taking a free kick in FIFA 23
Free kicks have changed slightly in FIFA 23 (image taken by

Free kicks have been revamped in FIFA 23 and have a more intuitive approach where you can decide the exact point, at which to strike the ball to achieve the desired spin or direction, as you would if you were taking a free kick in real life.

This year, similar to last, the Left Analog stick is used to pan the camera, but also to adjust which direction you want to horizontally aim your free kick.

The Right Analog is used to adjust at which point you want to strike the ball, there is a visual reference, and as you move your Right Analog Stick you can visually see which part of the ball you are striking. There is a trajectory line that shows the path of which the ball will roughly follow.

You can request various types of shots, from an “outside of the foot curled “shot, to a “knuckle”, the key is understanding how manipulating the Right Analog stick affects the shot.

Depending on the free kick taker, assuming a right footer, if you rotate the Right Analog stick to the right-hand side, you will take a shot with the inside of your foot, and on the left-hand side, it will be the outside of the foot. This is how you can apply different shot types.

In order to change the trajectory, rotate the Right Stick to the desired shot you want, for example if I move the Right Analog Stick to the bottom right-hand side, I get the “Inside the Foot Curled” shot.

Now from here, if I want to increase the height of the trajectory, I move the Right Analog stick minutely down, and you will see the trajectory height increase, and likewise if I move the Right Analog stick up, it will decrease the height.

The key here is to practice in the Practice Arena, which can be found in the main menu, so you know exactly what type of trajectory you can achieve and with what spin.

The Practice Arena is your best friend –

Neal’s Top Tip

My top tip is once you have chosen a desired shot type, the key is to use a lower trajectory, but higher power.

This is because if you decrease the trajectory height, but add more power to the shot, you can achieve a high-powered shot that goes into the top corner.

I normally opt for an “Inside the Foot Curled” or an “Outside the Foot Curled”, aim low on the outside of the post, with about 80% power and you can achieve an elevated high powered shot.

Another top tip for those playing Ultimate Team, is to practice this in the FUT Moments, Set Pieces – Free Kicks, as it’s a jump-in-game, straight into the set piece In a real match scenario, and you can keep repeating this game mode to practice.

Don’t forget, you can already kickstart your Ultimate Team through the Web App or Companion App.

Enjoyed this guide? Check out NealGuide‘s YouTube to which he has a plethora of guides for you to watch from for FIFA 23!