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FIFA 23 Best Tactics Career Mode

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Many FIFA players ignore tactics while setting up their formations. This should not be the case, as tactics can help in strengthening formations or exploiting your opponent’s weakness. Most elite players understand that winning or losing a game can depend on your tactics. 

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The tactic is a fundamental aspect of the FIFA gaming setup that refers to how the team approaches attacking, defensive and neutral situations.

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There are different tactical settings to choose from. some tactics are great for opposing certain formations, while some will allow you to defend or attack more easily. In this article, we will explore the best tactics in FIFA 23 career mode and where they work best.

FIFA 23 Best Tactics Career Mode: Player Instructions

  • Stay wide: Helps to stretch the back line and create opportunities for through balls  
  • Get in behind: This urges the wingers to make runs to get behind the opponent constantly
  • Join Attack: Instructs the player to overload the attack. This formation is great for Defending players with important attacking qualities.
  • Get forward: This urges a player that plays supporting roles in attacking roles to pick up more central positions.
  • Stay back while attacking: This is useful in formations where there are few defenders, or you want a particular playmaker to roam away from the box
  •  Cutout passing lanes: This instructs your DMs to intercept through passes often.

FIFA 23 Best Tactics Career Mode: Defence 

Width: The team’s width determines whether you want to give more space to the opposition centrally or near the sidelines.

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Depth: This setting determines how intensely your players want to press higher up the pitch or fall back to defend.

FIFA 23 Best Tactics Career Mode: Offensive tactics

  • Corners and Free Kicks: This Tactic is important as it gives you a better chance to control the game in set-piece situations; you can pile more pressure on your opponents to score or retain the ball in dead-ball situations.