After Final Fantasy XIV's disastrous first few months the MMO failed to retain its initial subscriber-base. However, Square Enix believes it to be "essential" to regain the players it lost in order to ensure FFXIV's success in 2012.

Speaking with, producer Naoki Yoshida stated that while the Final Fantasy brand is itself a draw, the studio doesn't want to rely on that solely in order to bring back its audience.

"We think it is essential to recapture players that we lost at the initial launch of the game and, in order to do that, we do not really want to take advantage of the FF brand," he explained.

"We'll certainly not shy away from the great Final Fantasy heritage if it will be of benefit to the game, but first and foremost we need to ensure that FFXIV in itself is providing an exciting game experience for the players."

Yoshida added that despite its dramatic development, "this is going to be the year for Final Fantasy XIV".

Final Fantasy XIV is scheduled to hit PS3 in Q3 of this year.