Far Cry Classic, an HD revamp of the original 2004 Far Cry, will release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 12, Ubisoft has announced.

The title will be available to download from the Xbox Games Store or PSN for £7.99, and included in the Far Cry: The Wild Expedition compilation due two days later.

"Far Cry Classic is the premiere and ultimate console version of the very first Far Cry game," said Ubisoft. "Take the role of charter boat captain, Jack Carver, who finds himself hunted by an unrelenting team of highly trained mercenaries in this nature-gone-wrong FPS adventure.

"This HD revamp features stunningly realistic foliage, real-time day and night cycles, drivable underwater and flying vehicles which you can commandeer, and more..."

Far Cry Classic was first announced last June and had been expected to feature in last year's Summer of Arcade. Ubisoft has never revealed the reason for its delay.

Source: Ubisoft Press Release

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