Far Cry 5 launch trailer takes the fight to Joseph Seed

Far Cry 5 launch trailer takes the fight to Joseph Seed
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Ubisoft has released an explosive-tipped Far Cry 5 trailer to celebrate tomorrow’s launch of the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One action-adventure sequel.

Far Cry 5 is notable as the first game in the series to take place in North America, with players plonked into the shoes of a Sheriff’s Deputy in the fictional Hope County. Your goal? Stop religious freak Joseph Seed and his doomsday cult Eden’s Gate to liberate the region and its people.

Of course, this being a Far Cry 5 game, things are never quite as simple as rocking up and capping the bad guy between the eyes. You’ll explore a vast sandbox on your journey ripe with things to see and do, whether it be recruiting followers to the cause, hunting down Seed’s subordinates, or indulging in a spot of fishing. 

Colm has already spent multiple days in Hope County’s lush open-world setting and told me that Far Cry 5 is ‘bloody fantastic.’ If you need a little more convincing then be sure to read his review for the full skinny.