Fallout: London is releasing with its own installer so Bethesda can’t ruin it

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The Fallout: London mod has a ridiculous scope. It’s huge, and the developers have been working on it for aeons. It’s almost here again, too. Last time it was almost here was just shortly before Fallout 4 saw a huge next-gen update that entirely re-structured the game engine, so the Fallout: London team shelved the project and set a later release date. This time, the developers have devised a way to inoculate the expansion against Bethesda’s meddling, and it comes in the form of a standalone launcher.

As posted on the official Fallout: London Discord server, there is a standalone installer and uninstaller too.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding our upcoming release, and we wanted to open up and clear the air for our core supporters.

The bottom line is that we’ve sent several builds over to GOG for QA testing and are waiting for the final green light.

Once they’ve completed the process of double-checking that Fallout: London and its installer work on all supported machines, we should be good to go. (Yes, we have our own installer, and downgrader too!)

It is in all of our interests that this final QA process is carried out in full, and we are very thankful that GOG is assisting.

While it may seem like not a lot is going on, we can assure you that the heads of the department have been working non-stop behind the scenes during this time to make the release build as good as it can be. The end is in sight.

Stay safe and remember. Mind the gap.

Team Folon

Earlier this year, Bethesda released the next-gen update in-line with the Fallout TV show’s surging popularity. Unfortunately for Team Folon, which had originally planned to release the expansion on this year’s St. George’s Day (April 23rd), this left only a two-day gap between the London mod and the next-gen update. Team Folon, despite its repetition of London’s slogan, did in-fact mind the gap, and decided to push it back towards the latter parts of this year.

This decision was due to several different reasons. Firstly, the interest in the Fallout 4: Next Gen update would surely take players away from the Fallout: London buzz, but also because the redesigned game engine totally “screwed” Team Folon over in-terms of mod compatibility.

Bromley South Station as I remember it, via Team Folon.

The mod will be distributed via GOG. Of course, you will need to own the base game on PC as a pre-requisite. Once it’s installed, you should be able to play Fallout: London without the fear of a future Bethesda update dropping a nuke all over Bromley, where I grew up.

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