Fable Anniversary could release on PC "if there's demand for it", lead designer Ted Timmins has revealed, asking fans to speak up if they'd like to see a PC port.

Questioned over whether the 360 game could come to Xbox One by Game Informer, Timmins said: "I just can't see it happening, to tell you the truth. Our team is so focused on Fable Legends on Xbox One, and I wouldn't want to distract them with another title, given that the reason for Fable Anniversary is to sort of close off the Fable Xbox 360 chapter, if you will."

However, "if there are any PC fans out there, I would say keep demanding it," Timmins added, "because I would love to see Fable Anniversary on PC, and we'll only be able to do it if there's demand for it and our fanbase wants it.

"Keep writing those requests on the forums, because we do very much listen to our fanbase, and that's the reason we're making Fable Anniversary at all in the first place."

Fable Anniversary is an HD remake of Fable: The Lost Chapters featuring remastered visuals, an improved control scheme, new user interface and SmartGlass support.

The game is due to release on Xbox 360 in February 2014.

Source: gameinformer.com

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