Fable Anniversary gets 70% discount in time for new game’s reveal

Fable Anniversary gets 70% discount in time for new game’s reveal
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There’s not been a mainline entry in the Fable series for years now. Thankfully, we’ve now got an upcoming launch to look forward to in 2025, and Fable Anniversary has seen a 70% discount on Steam, saving you £18. This is the perfect way to introduce yourself to Fable’s world, though you will only have until June 23rd to pick it up at this discount.

A screenshot from Fable Anniversary's Steam page.
A screenshot from Fable Anniversary’s Steam page.

Steam is currently listing Fable Anniversary for £8.09 / $10.49, chopping a hefty amount from the MSRP. This version of the game was launching in 2014 and fully remastered the graphics and audio, making it the definitive way to begin the story. Similarly, it also introduced the Heroic difficulty, and has gone on to receive a Very Positive review score on Steam, alongside being critically acclaimed by press.

While there’s not a specific release date for 2025’s Fable, we at least know to look forward to next year for a launch. Until then, Fable Anniversary will warm you up to the tropes, mechanics, and lore of the Albion-inspired world.

The series prides itself on the power of choice: “For every choice, a consequence,” so goes the tagline. While we’re entirely used to branching narratives in AAA games, the implementation of this in the late 2000s certainly changed the landscape of gaming.