Wii U owners - and those who remain unconvinced by the platform - will hopefully find more value in the console later this year, with the promise of lots more games.

The console has gotten off to a terrible start, with hardware sales coming in lower than Nintendo had hoped for and the lack of new software putting off potential buyers. But this is set to change says Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime.

"What I would say about Wii U - and what Mr. Iwata has said - is that the pace of launches has been slower than we hoped," Fils-Aime told GamesIndustry.

He added: "But as we prepare for E3, the pace of launches for Wii U is going to dramatically increase."

Nintendo has already delivered on this promise for the 3DS, announcing a string of attractive games for release either this year or next, and there's no question that the Wii U needs a similarly enticing release slate if its fortunes are to be reversed.

Source: GamesIndustry