Tycoon games form a rather strange genre; essentially, they are management sims, usually focusing on some abstract concept. Sure, we've had the standard casino/property/airport games (all of which seem fairly 'normal'), but then the ideas began to run dry. So developers began to branch out. I mean, Deep Sea Tycoon? Zoo Tycoon? Pizza Tycoon?

Well, thanks to Anarchy Entertainment, we can now add the wonderful world of coffee to the ever-growing list of interesting concepts, with the upcoming Spring release of Coffee Tycoon. That's right; your aim is to create a coffee-empire. As with games of this ilk, you will control staff, property, equipment, advertising, and of course, the coffee recipes. And, even better, there are interesting coffee facts that you will learn. Who says games aren't educational?

Boasting five different coffee store styles and assorted logos to choose from, and a choice of five starting cities (New York, Miami, Chicago, L.A., and Seattle), the game promises to have plenty of characters to offer advice and tips to get you to the top. Of course, things will never run as smoothly as you would like, and so hundreds of unique events and bonuses will keep you on your toes.

Keep those caffeine-ravaged eyes peeled at www.coffeetycoon.net for further info.