Epic Games Store is live and promises free games every fortnight

Epic Games Store is live and promises free games every fortnight
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After being announced a few days ago, the Epic Games Store is now live! Positioned as a competitor to Steam in the PC marketplace, Epic's store is pretty barebones at the minute, but it is just the beginning.

Right now you can pick up new releases Ashen, Hello Neighbour: Hide and Seek, and Supergiant's new game, which was spotlighted at The Game Awards, Hades. Darksiders 3, Subnautica and Super Meat Boy are all scheduled to launch on the service later this month, too, which brings us nicely onto the Free Game Initiative. It's not called that, but it should be.

Subnautica is out December 14 and will be free for two weeks after launch, while Super Meat Boy is dropping on December 28 and will also be free for a fortnight. Epic has said that it plans to give customers a new free game every two weeks.

Humble beginnings, sure, but one thing that might see developers flocking to Epic's storefront to flog their PC games is the fact that the Fortnite studio only takes 12 per cent of sales; Valve takes 30 per cent on Steam. I'm not great at maths, but that seems like quite the difference.