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by on May 10, 2021

Epic Games reportedly offered Sony $200 million for “4-6” PC versions of PlayStation exclusives

The ongoing Epic vs Apple trial has thrown up some more intriguing bits of information, with the latest exhibit—apparently released to the public accidentally—seemingly indicating that Epic were willing to pay Sony $200 million USD to get some first party PlayStation Studios titles as exclusives on the Epic Game Store on PC.

According to PC Gamer, who spotted screenshots of the since-removed documents posted on Resetera, Epic Games were willing to offer Sony the figure as a “minimum guarantee” for “4-6” first party titles, although it’s unclear if this offer was on a per-title basis, or whether this was a lump sum for all of them and was awaiting a response. There’s no word on which games were potentially up as part of the deal, but as PC Gamer also notes, only two PlayStation exclusive titles have made it to the Epic Game Store so far: Predator Hunting Grounds and ReadySet Heroes.

The documents, as have most of those related to the trial so far, are likely from around 2018 and Predator: Hunting Grounds has since made its way to Steam after a year of exclusivity. Other PlayStation to PC releases since 2018 have included Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding last year and next week’s release of Days Gone, all of which are launching on Steam; so it certainly appears as if the deal wasn’t taken in the end, but it’s certainly interesting to note what Epic were willing to pay to get PlayStation exclusives on the PC.

There’s been no word from Sony or Epic how accurate these reports are — and with the Apple vs Epic case currently ongoing, not to mention the sensitive financial nature of the reports, it doesn’t look likely we’ll get one any time soon. Still, PlayStation have previously committed to bringing more exclusives to the PC in the near future, so we can at least continue to speculate which titles will make the jump next.


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