by on Apr 5, 2012

Entropia Universe user pays $2.5M on virtual real estate

An investor within the Entropia Universe community has spent $2.5 million on virtual real estate in the sci-fi MMO.

The transaction was for deeds to a region in the MMO’s Planet Calypso area, developer MindArk has revealed, as reported by Eurogamer.

Users who own land in the game receive gross revenue generated on their planet via player-to-player transactions, which makes up roughly $400 million annually on Calypso. Thus an annual return on the investment will be 27 per cent, according to MindArk.

Big purchases in the game aren’t entirely rare, however. In 2009 an investor spent £330,000 on a virtual space station, while in 2010 a user sold a resort for $635,000.

Virtual items for real-world money have increasingly become a talking point within the MMO community. The items hold enough value that earlier in the year the Dutch Supreme Court declared virtual theft to be a real-world crime after two teens threatened a RuneScape player at knife-point in order to gain in-game items from him.

Entropia Universe launched in 2003.


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