Elden Ring dataminer shows the true faces of Shadow of the Erdtree NPCs

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A dataminer has taken their skills to Elden Ring’s source code, and removed the helmets from NPCs who have until now been unseen.

Following the introduction of the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, a plethora of new characters had been added to the game. Hornsent, Ansbach, and Igon are but a few new who have made their way to the newly explored Realm of Shadow.

Zullie the Witch – a YouTuber who had previously uncovered other Elden Ring secrets, such as how people you are Tarnished – is the one responsible for showing the faces of otherwise unseen NPCs. A video is available on their channel in which you can see each face in full detail, alongside the sliders that the game engine uses to create them.

The video reveals the faces of Drake Warrior Igon, Dragon Communion Priestess, Ancient Dragon-Man, Swordhand of Night Jolan, Swordhand of Night Anna, Fire Knight Queelign, Hornsent, Moore, Sir Ansbach, Redmane Freyja, Needle Knight Leda, Thioller, Count Ymir – High Priest, Count Ymir – Mother of Fingers, Red Bear, Dancer of Ranah, Rakshasa, Knight of the Solitary Gaol, Dryleaf Dane, Sanguine Noble Nataan, Lamenter, Greater Potentate, madding Hand, Logur – the Beast Claw, and Moonrithyll – Carian Knight.

Some of the most interesting include Hornsent, whose base character design is enough to instil fear in most who observe, but take off his furry wraps and he’s just a regular looking bald bloke. Zullie notes that he should be adorned with horns, though it’s probably not possible with the base character creator available. Other notable unmaskings include that of the Blackgaol Knight, who breathes the aura of Berserk’s Guts with and without the armour. He has the cross-bow and Dragon Slayer sword too.

The Blackgaol Knight, unmasked. Face via Zullie.

When Elden Ring had originally released, Zullie had performed a similar surgical procedure on NPCs and found even more faces. Recently, PCGamer reported on what BonfireVN found lying beneath the Dancing Lion Boss’ robes, and what they found was one of the most impressive character designs in all of FromSoftware’s history.

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