New eFootball co-op mode brings 3v3 matches to the free-to-play sports game

New eFootball co-op mode brings 3v3 matches to the free-to-play sports game

Konami has revealed a new eFootball co-op 3v3 mode that fans can test in the game. While many players are eagerly awaiting Master League’s arrival, the new mode will offer an alternative to regular matchplay.

The transition from PES to eFootball has not been smooth, however, regular updates and additions are slowly bringing the game back to the levels prior to the switch. The latest addition is another step in the right direction as Konami seeks to level the playing field.

The brand new eFootball co-op mode is now live in the game. The new game mode is still in its infancy, so for now only a beta test is available for the game mode. Going live on June 8, the beta test will be active until June 22. 

A beta test will contain the brand new 3v3 mode which can be played online with friends. The test will be available across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC (Windows 10, Steam), and mobile (iOS and Android).

Konami has stated the importance of the beta test as fans will test out the new mode and report back. This allows for Konami to conduct quality checks and improve playability, while errors are expected to occur as it is still in beta testing.

eFootball v.2.6.0, which is now available, will also feature other additions to the game. A talent points redistribution function and increased number of substitutes in matches from seven to 12 will arrive in the game.

eFootball v.2.6.0 patch notes

The latest title update for eFootball went live on June 8. The update includes the beta testing for the brand new 3v3 game mode, as well as changes to Dream Team and an adjustment to the progression system.

  • New feature for users to reset Progression Points using GP
  • Additional number of substitutes for Dream Team
  • Co-op beta test

Certain features in the game will be unavailable during the maintenance period for the update. Take a look at the full eFootball v2.6.0 patch notes.