Speaking to Official Xbox Magazine at E3 last week, Senior VP of EA Games Europe Patrick Soderlund has revealed that while he feels the publisher has maxed out the Xbox 360, it's now starting to get more out of the PS3.

"I do think that we'll see developers inside the organisation getting to understand the PS3 better and I think that we're getting more power out of PS3 right now... I think that we've maxed out the 360 but we haven't maxed out the PS3," said Soderlund.

Soderlund was, however, full of praise of Microsoft and the Xbox 360.

"I like the Natal," he said. "That's cool. It's an interesting device, so I'm truly impressed by Xbox. It's my personal favourite console... I think Microsoft is on a roll right now. They're doing really well. If I was Sony, I would have a headache, to be honest."

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