Players who pick up the current-gen versions of FIFA 14 may be able to transfer their data - potentially including Ultimate Team players and XP - to the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

The game's executive producer David Rutter teased the possibility of current to next-gen data transfer during an interview with, telling us that, "Whilst I can't talk about it right now, I'm sure there'll be some exciting news in the coming months."

Data transfer between the two versions would be a major selling point to early FIFA adopters also looking to pick up a next-gen console.

FIFA 14 launches on current-gen platforms this September, with PS4 and Xbox One versions due to launch alongside the two consoles in November.

EA has already teased the possibility of current to next-gen data transfer in one of its other cross-gen titles.

Over the weekend, MP1st reported that DICE is also considering the option to transfer data between the current and next-gen versions of Battlefield 4.

An EA Sports representative told that it had nothing to add when asked for additional information.


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