EA has met its target of achieving $1 billion in digital revenue, described by CEO John Riccitiello as "an incredibly important milestone".

During EA's previous financial year the publisher made $833 million in digital revenue. A large chunk of if the increase - an estimated $75 million - can be attributed to PopCap which EA acquired for between $750m and $1.3bn.

EA's digital revenue stream is spread about too, coming from MMO subscriptions, Facebook, the Origin store and DLC. This encompasses a wide range of titles over multiple platforms.

MCV points out that this is a far cry from publishing rival Activision which relies heavily on Call of Duty and World of Warcraft for its digital revenue.

EA has also confirmed the reorganisation of its digital teams, with its social gaming division and EA Interactive to be integrated into all of its other divisions.

Back in October EA predicted its revenue from mobile, social and other online channels will hit $1.15 billion or more during the fiscal year, which ends March 31. With three months to go and the subscriptions of recently launched Star Wars: The Old Republic to be factored in this seems entirely achievable.

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