Titanfall sequels could well end up on more than Microsoft's platforms, EA's CFO and executive vice president Blake Jorgensen has told investors.

"We'll find I'm sure that there will be future Titanfalls at some point that may be on multiple product platforms," said Jorgensen at the UBS Global Technology Conference.

Whilst at first sounding confident that PS4 owners could be in luck, he added: "Don't know. That's up to the teams that are going through that now, but at the end of the day, we're excited about this Titanfall and we think it will be a big title and it will be great for Xbox One."

Jorgensen also bigged up the importance of Titanfall's release.

"It's a very exciting product; people are really, really waiting for it," he said. "We haven't seen anything quite this exciting since in the industry in a long time, the Respawn team has done an amazing job, they really have talented group of people."

Titanfall launches for Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360 on March 14.

Source: Seeking Alpha