EA has squeezed another FPS into its holiday 2016 line-up

EA has squeezed another FPS into its holiday 2016 line-up
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Just when you thought EA couldn’t possibly release another FPS into the market over the busy holiday shopping season, another has popped up for release on November 18.

According to Amazon.com, a new retail edition of Star Wars: Battlefront Ultimate Edition will arrive at the attractive $39.99 price point, including all Season Pass content: Rogue One: Scarif, Death Star, Bespin and Outer Rim.

However, EA has told VideoGamer that here in the UK the edition will be restricted to appearing on digital stores. You can actually pick up the Ultimate Edition on PS Store right now at the reduced price of £39.99. This offer ends today, but expect this to be relisted at a permenantly lower price point.

EA has Battlefield 1 out this week, Titanfall 2 on October 28 and now the Battlefront re-release a few weeks later.

This kind of re-release is seen by publishers as a great way to secure additional sales for an older title. For EA there’s the added benefit of maximising the crossover appeal of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which hits cinemas on December 16.

As you can see, the box art makes a big point of featuring Rogue One content.

Xbox One owners may, however, wish to wait for the EA Access launch of the core game, set for some time in December.

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