EA appears to have dropped support for Wii U, confirming that it does not currently have any titles in development for Nintendo's console.

According to Kotaku, the publisher maintains that it hasn't ruled out developing titles for the console in the future - but with Wii U ports of top-selling titles FIFA and Battlefield off the cards, it'll likely take some doing to win the publisher back.

EA has released four titles for the console in the short time since launch, including launch titles Mass Effect 3: Special Edition, FIFA 13 and Madden NFL 13, and Need For Speed: Most Wanted U in March.

In comparison, it launched 75 titles on Wii across most of its major franchises.

EA is also expected to have at least five titles currently in development for PS4 and Microsoft's next-gen Xbox, including Battlefield 4, Dragon Age 3 and new titles in the FIFA, Mass Effect and Need For Speed series.

Nintendo is set to host a new Nintendo Direct at 3pm UK this afternoon detailing Wii U's summer lineup.

EA dropping support for Wii U would be a major setback for Nintendo, which has struggled to gain momentum for its Wii U console. But how long until other third-party publishers follow in EA's footsteps?

Source: Kotaku