Tecmo Koei Europe has slapped a November 18 UK release date on Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends, which is currently in development at Tecmo subsidiary Omega Force for the PlayStation 3.

The game, which is a stand-alone expansion pack for Dynasty Warriors 7, super-charges the game with new characters, secret weapons, and a variety of new game modes for players to sink their teeth into.

Confirmed characters include Guo Jia, Wang Yi, and returning hero Pang De, who look set to bolster the ranks of the Wei kingdom.

According to Tecmo, the game will also feature ultra-powerful versions of existing weapons, which can be unlocked by fulfilling existing conditions during the course of the game. New weapon types are added to your armoury this time around, and weapons such as the Dragon Spear, Sai, Battling Stick and Scimitar should help to spice up the game's combat.

Also new for the expansion pack is the "Legend Mode," which allows players to take on battles from previous games in the series, in addition to new scenarios that players can tackle with a character of their choice. The mode will also bring about a new level of strategy, with players employing lieutenants to ensure the prosperity of their assigned castle town.

The expansion pack also adds a "Challenge Mode," which allows players to tackle various missions that allow them to fight for world-wide rankings. Tecmo also promises online leaderboards, a Mixjoy mode (which allows players to experience a 'powered up' edition of the original game) and a Japanese voice over-option.

Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends will be released for PS3 on November 18.

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