Techland is to offer additional DLC to those who purchase the physical copy of Dying Light, according to UK retailers Amazon and ShopTo.

The retailers revealed details on the bonus DLC in emails issued to customers last night, confirming that physical buyers would not only receive Dying Light's 'Be The Zombie' mode free of charge, but a new 'Cuisine & Cargo' DLC and 'Ultimate Survivor Bundle' DLC on top.

The Cuisine & Cargo content will be available as soon as the physical version releases on February 27, with the Ultimate Survivor Bundle following on March 10.

Techland has yet to announce further details on what the two DLCs contain, nor is it clear whether the content will eventually be made available to digital buyers.

The developer announced that it had pushed back the physical release of Dying Light last week, although the reason for its delay has yet to be disclosed.

Furthermore, customers who purchased Dying Light's 'Be The Zombie Edition' from Amazon claim to have received an email stating that they will also receive the game's Season Pass and an unannounced 'Bozak Horde' download at no additional cost. Not a bad deal considering it only cost a few quid more than the standard edition.

Be The Zombie Mode was initially expected to be included as a retailer-exclusive bonus from Amazon, but was released to all users free of charge following the game's physical delay across Europe.

Dying Light releases digitally today on PS4 and PC, with an Xbox One release following this Friday, January 30. A physical release is due to follow on February 27.

Source: Amazon, ShopTo,

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