This is officially the dumbest way to die in Tears of the Kingdom

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On top of the impressive builds and fan-pleasing easter eggs, many Tears of the Kingdom players are also showing off their hilarious fails in the game -and we might have seen the most straightforward-but spectacular yet.

Over on the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit, user ClayMeta has found what may be the most hilariously ill-advised use of the game’s Fuse power that may not be useful, but sure is funny. They show off this dumb way to die by using Fuse to attatch one of the game’s many explosive barrels to a boomerang, before throwing it into the distance. Of course, being a boomerang, sure enough the weapon returns to Link – with explosive consequences.

While there’s probably little practical use for fusing the two things together – Redditors are seeing the funny side, with many dubbing this combination with the portmanteaux the ‘Bomberang’ and others comparing the clip to “legit something Wile E Coyote once did”. Other responses can be summed up by mrsaturncoffeetable who says “I never expected this game to present so many opportunities for pure distilled essential slapstick comedy, thank you for your service.”

The comedic potential for Tears of the Kingdom has been realised brilliantly by the community already, with the game’s collectible characters the Koroks becoming a big source of some of this humour – but of course there’s plenty to discover too. To help you explore more of the map, check out our guide to All 15 Skyview Tower locations and entrances.

Tears of the Kingdom is out now on the Nintendo Switch – and for more on the game, be sure to take a look at our Tears of the Kingdom shrine locations.

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