The PlayStation Plus version of DriveClub will not include as much content as the full retail game, Evolution Studios has confirmed to

Discussing the differences between the PS Plus Edition of DriveClub, which PlayStation Plus members will be able to download for free at the launch of PS4, and the retail version, senior designer Ben Gouldstone said:

"The only difference between the PS Plus edition and the boxed retail is that there's a slightly scaled down version of content...

"We haven't released specific details about what we're going to refine for the PS Plus Edition yet, but in terms of the gambit of features, you're going to be able to issue challenges, you're doing to be able to do asynchronous online races, you're going to have all of the single player content in terms of events. The specifics we haven't gone into yet but you're going to have the full gaming experience."

Gouldstone claims that content was cut from the PS Plus Edition in order to get the downloadable version "immediately into someone's hands", rather than for commercial reasons. Cut content is expected - although not confirmed - to include certain cars and tracks.

"This game is huge," he continues, "and to have the full scale download as the initial [PS plus] release, it was a conscious decision to make it as slick as possible."

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