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Ben Borthwick by on Jan 21, 2022

Dragon Age 4 has “no chance” of coming out in 2022, according to rumours

It’s bad news for fans hoping to see Dragon Age 4 this year, as industry rumours imply the upcoming RPG won’t see the light of day before 2023.

Industry insider Tom Henderson cites “a source with knowledge of EA’s plans” as saying that there’s “no chance” Dragon Age 4 will arrive in 2022 on his Twitter account last night. Henderson has been fairly on the money with rumours over the past few months, with accurate reports on Battlefield 2042 details and Quantic Dream’s Star Wars Eclipse before their official announcements.

Dragon Age 4 has painted a picture of a very long and protracted development so far. The game was first officially announced as in development during The Game Awards in 2018. Then, in 2019 it came out that an original concept involving spies and heists was scrapped in 2017. A few months later, it was reported EA were not targeting a release until 2022 at the earliest.

The game would then resurface, of sorts, during EA’s summer show in June of 2020. A formal re-introduction at that year’s Game Awards show followed in the form of a new Dragon Age teaser trailer. However, that was not before former producer Mark Darrah would leave Bioware the same month.

Last year, it was rumoured the game had dropped multiplayer elements to focus on single player. A second rumour in October then claimed the next instalment would arrive on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC only. Most recently, back in November senior creative director Matt Goldman also departed Bioware.

There’s been no comment from EA or Bioware on these latest rumours mind, so make of that what you will. For now, Dragon Age 4 fans might be waiting a little longer to return to Thedas. (AKA ‘The Dragon Age Setting‘.)


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