Id Software's John Carmack and a small team at Escalation Studios have been working on bringing a fully 3D Doom to iPhone, with the fruit of their labour to hit the App Store next week.

Doom Resurrection will feature eight levels and approximately five hours of gameplay. The game uses much of the core art work of Doom 3, although it has been downsampled to fit the iPhone screen. Carmack also had to implement a few programming tricks in order to ensure the game runs at a smooth pace - 30 FPS on the latest iPod touch, and around half that speed on the earlier generation devices.

Carmack has also revealed that the core shooting/aiming mechanics had to be completely redone to work on the touch screen device.

The plot is similar to that of Doom 3, but the action will take place in a different part of the space station featured in the game. Players take on the role of a sole Marine survivor on a remote research facility on Mars where all hell has broken loose. Players will have access to all of the weapons featured in Doom 3.

The game will also offer features only available upon the release of iPhone 3.0, including peer-to-peer cooperative multiplayer.

You can see the first trailer over on the Escalation Studios website.

Via VentureBeat

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