The original version of Doom 3 has been removed from Steam.

The game's removal follows the launch of Doom 3: BFG Edition, the updated version of id's horror shooter which released last Friday.

The original Doom 3 had previously been available to purchase on Steam for £13.99. Doom 3: BFG Edition costs £19.99.

The BFG Edition does, however, include additional content, including updated visuals and Doom 3 expansion pack Resurrection of Evil. The original version of Resurrection of Evil has also been pulled from Steam.

Unlike the original, though, the BFG Edition lacks mod support - something that will come as a disappointment to many PC players.

The original Doom 3 is still available to purchase in the Super id Software Pack, though. That costs £75.99, but is often reduced in price during sales.

Reasons for the original Doom 3's removal have not been provided by Bethesda.

Bethesda had not returned's request for comment at the time of publishing.

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