What appears to be the first official promotional material for a new Predator movie has been posted over on the franchise's Facebook page.

New predator

The image above is accompanied by the text, "Here we go again, bro," harking back to a line from Bill Duke in the original film.

20th Century Fox is yet to announce the film, but we've known it has been in development for some time.

A screenplay was being produced by Shane Black (Iron Man 3) and Fed Dekker, the latter having been pretty open about the project on Facebook. In November he said he'd submitted a screenplay for the movie, then earlier this month wrote: "I cannot say where I was this morning, or what I saw, or what we talked about. But if you are a PREDATOR fan? One word: YES."

The most recent Predator movie, Predators, released in July 2010 and featured Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne and Topher Grace. It wasn't good.

Source: Predator Facebook