DiRT Rally could be coming to PS4 and Xbox One, judging by a pair of entries on the Taiwanese Games Ratings Board.

Console versions of the rally racer were spotted on the ratings board overnight, ahead of an official announcement by Codemasters. The studio has previously left the door open to PS4 and Xbox One versions, however, with chief game designer Paul Coleman telling console fans to "never say never" prior to the game's PC Early Access release earlier this year.

The rating follows a listing on Amazon Germany last week suggesting that the game could be getting a physical PC release later this month.

The Taiwanese ratings board has proven to be an accurate source of information in the past, too, having rated a PS4 version of Grow Home and PS4/Xbox One versions of Zombi prior to their announcement.

Codemasters declined to comment when contacted by VideoGamer.com this morning.

Source: gamerating.org.tw(via @lifelower)

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