UPDATE: This article initially stated that DirectX 11.2 is an "exclusive to Xbox One & Windows 8.1". However, it has since been brought to our attention that the technology may also be available on other next-gen consoles.

ORIGINAL STORY: Microsoft has unveiled DirectX 11.2, an updated version of its existing graphics technology that introduces "a host of new features to improve performance" in games and graphics apps.

DirectX 11.2's headline feature is the addition of 'Tiled Resources', an advanced graphics technology that lets developers pull hi-res assets into a scene dynamically without overloading the graphics card. Essentially, the tech ensures that textures don't appear blurred or fuzzy when viewed close up.

Microsoft says that Tiled Resources will let developers "make games with unprecedented amounts of detail".

DirectX 11.2 also reduces latency for DirectX apps, allowing for "faster UI response".

The technology will be compatible with Xbox One and devices running Windows 8.1.

A full breakdown of DirectX 11.2 can be found on Microsoft's website.

Source: venturebeat.com

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