Diablo 4 level scaling has been adjusted so you can now bully demons in Sanctuary

Diablo 4 level scaling has been adjusted so you can now bully demons in Sanctuary
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Diablo 4 level scaling has been a contentious topic within the community since launch as a large number of players have often had a hard time tracking their progression due to the fact that the game’s enemies always matched your character’s level. As part of the latest Season 1 update, however, Blizzard has finally introduced a significant change to this mechanic that will now allow you to bully demons scattered throughout Sanctuary, thereby letting you see just how powerful your character’s become.

According to the Diablo 4 Season 1 patch notes, “level scaling inside dungeons and most overworld territories has been adjusted in World Tiers III and IV.” The developers would go on to note that “monsters will begin to trail behind the player in level after a certain point (up to a maximum of 5 levels behind). This change does not affect World Bosses, Legion Events, Fields of Hatred, Helltide, or Nightmare Dungeons.”

Based on additional details provided, it seems the changes to level scaling will also be taking effect once you hit level 56 and above in World Tier III. Once you reach level 62, most of the monsters you find will always be five levels below you. Of course, there will still be a max monster level cap of level 70 in the third World Tier so you will need to go to the next difficulty if you want more of a challenge.

As soon as you get to World Tier IV, you’ll need to reach level 82 in order for there to be a five-level gap between you and Lilith’s demon hordes. As mentioned before, though, the new level scaling design doesn’t affect most of the important overworld events like Helltides, Legion Events, and World Bosses, which means the Uber Unique item grind will remain as difficult as ever as the monsters holding these valuable pieces of loot will continue to show no mercy towards you.