Diablo 4 is getting couch co-op and unique monster families

Diablo 4 is getting couch co-op and unique monster families
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Blizzard has shared the first of its quarterly development posts for Diablo IV, and it delves into UI, controller input, couch co-op, and a new set of enemies (via WccfTech).

After collecting player feedback from BlizzCon, the team has made a few alterations to the developing Diablo IV. Firstly, the UI now uses a muted background to let the text pop on the screen, and therefore make it easier to read. All skill slots are able to be bound to a different key to the default for accessibility and flexibility, and the left-corner configuration will feature on the console versions and not the PC version. This is what player feedback concluded, but it is also found that the preferred place for the action bar changes to the left-corner when people play further away from the screen. PC players will be able to move the action bar to the left or the centre of the screen if they like, though. 

Controller input on PC will be possible, and the developer is currently working on “keeping established keyboard and mouse conventions while creating controller-friendly shortcuts or alternate flows.” And, the new couch co-op UI will let players open the core progression screens independently of each other, stopping the game from screeching to a halt if one person wants to use the screen.

Next, Blizzard explained the new “families” for enemies. “In Diablo IV, the vast and seamless world we created necessitates a slightly different approach to worldbuilding and storytelling. It requires building Sanctuary as a living, breathing character—especially through its creatures,” said senior encounter designer Candace Thomas. “Each family has a different combat style and feel. For example, the Drowned family has five members in various archetypes: bruiser, ranged combat, melee combat, swarmer, and dungeon boss.” Bruisers are beefy with a high health pool, melee combat units will protect their ranged combat comrades, and swarmers set upon the player in one cohesive horde. The Cannibals are the latest family to be introduced; a barbaric group that pick their conquests clean and consume everything in their path. Families offer “rich and varied combat experiences” unlike anything experienced in the previous games, but will reward those who suss out the style of each monster and how to gain the upper hand in battle.

Diablo IV is in development for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Check out the Cannibals below.