Diablo 4 players plead for a HUD scale slider

Diablo 4 players plead for a HUD scale slider
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Members of the Diablo 4 subreddit are pleading their case for Blizzard to add a HUD scale slider option to Diablo 4 to improve the game’s UI.

A thread posted by Ruger15 entitled ‘Please for the love of god give us a hud scale slider’ makes their point that, though the HUD elements can be useful, they’d like the option to get more immersed in the world Blizzard has created. “Man, let us enjoy this beautiful world and combat. Let us shrink or hide certain hud elements. It feels and looks so good, but information is displayed for me like I’m blind as a bat. This is on 1440p. I can’t imagine what it’s like on 4K.”

A number of players are under the impression that the UI is as such to make concessions for those playing on consoles or TVs that are further away, and those that fall into that category – such as Kalahan7 – are pleased for the large elements. “I’m happy that for once the GUI is readable from my couch” – but others are countering that there’s no need to get rid of the larger elements completely if Blizzard give the option to customise the game’s user interface.

“I have a 48 inch OLED monitor and for once I can kind of see my abilities and cooldowns without looking down,” says Turikk. “I’ve been spoiled by weakauras” (A popular customisation UI for Blizzard’s other game, World of Warcraft). “But I lose 20% of the screen to health orbs and buttons. Some UI customisation would be brilliant.” SirFreckle concurs on this, saying “Agreed completely, playing on 1440p here too. Just let us move, resize and hide any element. No reason not to, it’s 2023.”

This, coupled with the recent calls to have combat text size adjusted, shows that there’s a lot of demand for players to have more options when it comes to Diablo 4’s UI. Whether Blizzard will make these adjustments, especially considering factoring things like PVP and crossplay, we’ll have to wait and see.

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