Developers are already working on a "new Nintendo platform" ahead of a possible reveal at this year's Game Developers Conference, an industry source has told

Earlier this morning we were contacted by an employee at a major international publisher with the following information:

"Just heard a rumour that you may be interested in: Nintendo are going to announce a new platform at GDC. Some devs have already started work on it."

Our contact had no further information about whether the new platform was a handheld, home console or something else. The source also stated that he was sure of the platform's existence, but that the GDC launch was a less certain possibility.

Speculation about Nintendo's next platform has been rife from as early as 2008. However, in recent weeks top Nintendo executives have been quoted discussing the Japanese company's next move.

"If asked if making the Wii compatible with high definition - just making it compatible with high resolution - will get players throughout the world to buy it, I would of course say 'do you think it would sell with just that? It needs something new'," Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told investors during a Q&A session translated by Andriasang.

"If there were no rival makers in the world, I could give examples of the things that we are considering," Iwata said.

"However, for competitive reasons, I cannot give specifics today on the what or when of the things we're considering."

When contacted for comment, a Nintendo spokesperson told "This is purely rumour and speculation."

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