Alone in the Dark developer Eden Games has explained why the PS3 version of the hotly anticipated survival horror game still hasn't got a firm release date.

Speaking to at a recent press event for the game in London, senior producer Nour Polloni explained that the PS3 version "is not performing as well on PS3" in terms of frame rate, but reassured PS3-owners that it's "not that far off".

Polloni's comments come as the Xbox 360, PC and Wii versions of Alone in the Dark are set to hit the shelves in under a month.

Alone in the Dark, the fifth game in the cult series which proceeded the Resident Evil and Silent Hill games, sees players assume the role of a private detective who finds himself trapped in modern day Central Park having been transported forward in time from the 1930s. Players will be able to skip forward to the game's various episodes if they find it too tough and get TV series style recaps that fill them in on what they've missed.

Hype has steadily built up for the Atari published game. Various tech demos have demonstrated its impressive physics, object manipulation and most notably realistic interaction with fire.

The recent London press event saw a live demonstration of the Xbox 360 version of the game, but there was no mention of the PS3 version.

Polloni told after the event: "There's no firm date yet but what we can say is that it's coming out this year. In terms of why it's coming out later, we have the full game running on PS3 and all the features, no problem. The thing is it's not performing as well on PS3 as we hope it is in terms of frame rate and all that. We didn't want it to come out and have less of an experience for the PS3 gamer. We wanted to tweak that up and make sure they get the best experience on PS3 as much as possible."

Polloni revealed that despite the delay, both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Alone in the Dark will contain the same content.

She told PS3 owners: "It will be really worth it. It's something that we didn't want to deceive the players. That's why we preferred waiting. And I know it's tough but we want them to wait to be able to get that same experience."

You can read the rest of our interview with Alone in the Dark's senior producer Nour Polloni right here.

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