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Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls & Heavy Rain dated for PC

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Quantic Dream has announced release dates for its three former PlayStation exclusives’ launch on PC for later this summer.

The three games are set to get a staggered release over the next few months, with Heavy Rain slated to land first on June 24. That’ll be followed by the Ellen-Page-fronted Beyond: Two Souls on July 27 and last year’s Detroit: Become Human at some point ‘later this fall’.

If you’re curious as to how well each game will run on your PC, the studio has also announced that a free demo will be available for each title a month before their respective release dates. So that’s May 24 for Heavy Rain, June 27 for Beyond: Two Souls and ‘later this summer’ for Detroit.

All three games -and their demos – will be Epic Store Exclusives, you can check out what we thought of them via our reviews; our Colm wasn’t a huge fan of Detroit, Beyond: Two Souls didn’t fare much better but Heavy Rain was certainly the best of the three in our eyes.


Heavy Rain

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A dark, emotional thriller where decisions can have dramatic consequences.

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February 23, 2010