Ben Borthwick by on Nov 6, 2020

Destruction AllStars details game modes & gets new trailer

Destruction AllStars has had a new trailer and its gameplay modes detailed by developer Lucid Games, giving us a taste of the vehicular mayhem we can look forward to when the game releases early next year.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, each of these game modes can be played solo, in a team with other AI players or of course with friends and rivals in the game’s online multiplayer. Mayhem starts us of, playing out like a standard deathmatch. You’ll have to deal damamge and wreck as many of your foes as you can within a set time limit and, naturally, the player with the highest score wins.

Carnado puts a spin on things by allowing you to earn the game’s collectibles—known as Gears— by wrecking opponents and having them stored in your vehicle. In the middle of the arena is a deadly Carnado, which you can then sacrifice your ride to by driving into it and cashing in those points, leaving you to acquire a new set of wheels on foot by either grabbing one or stealing one from your opponents.

Stockpile is a team-based mode, which wrecking opponents causes them to drop Gears. You’ll have to leave the relative safety of your vehicle to pick them up though, and then must make your way to one of three banks on the map and stand on it to cash said Gears and claim the bank for your team, have the most banks at the end of the game to win the match.

Finally, Gridfall plays like a vehicular battle royale, with 16 cars starting off in the arena as parts of the ground give way. Knock your opponents off the map, or simply manouvre your way to higher ground for temporary safety. You’ll have a certain number of respawns, but run out of these, and you’re eliminated.

You can check out the trailer for yourself below, and Destruction AllStars is set to launch exclusively for the PlayStation 5 in February, where it’ll be a free game to PlayStation Plus subscribers for two months after launch.



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