Bungie’s director, Luke Smith, has confirmed players will need to have achieved a power level of 260-280 before they can access the Leviathan Raid on Destiny 2. Power level is the new name for what was originally referred to in Destiny as Light level. The Raid will begin from 6pm BST on Wednesday, September 13.

Currently the max power level cap is 300. In theory players could get a character up to a maximum of 350 power level, but it’ll take some doing to get there and will necessitate the use of a guide and an extremely diligent approach to guiding their Guardians path.

Considering the game’s recent release 260-280 is a good level for those that’ve put a fair amount of time into the game, and will put them in decent stead for tackling this week's Leviathan Raid.

Bungie also confirmed that starting time and date for the first Destiny 2 Raid, and it begins on September 13 at 6pm BST. For Europe it’ll begin at 7pm CEST and North America 10am PDT.

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