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Destiny 2 players are exhausted with legendaries being reused content

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Members of the Destiny 2 community are growing tired with what they call a lack of originality when it comes to legendary weapons in the game as of late.

Over on the Destiny 2 subreddit, a thread has been posted entitled ‘Almost every legendary weapon released since Lightfall has been a reprisal or reskin. This really should not be the norm’ – and goes on to describe how they’re growing increasingly tired by weapons that are too familiar. Specifically, covering both those that are simply an older weapon with some minor perk tweaks being reintroduced, or weapons that use the same base model, but just use a different element type or pool of perks.

According to the post’s author, who goes by the name of alchninja, this has been especially apparent with each batch of seasonal skins “Neomuna weapons were reskins from Shadowkeep, Defiance weapons were reskins from Season of the Lost. This season, the weapons are aa set of reprisals AND a rest of reskins from Season of the Drifter.” – and the community seem to agree, with some – such as TJ_Dot – even going a step further, citing “Destiny’s lackluster base weapon variety after 9 years.”

The lack of variety in these weapons stings doubly so, say many players, due to the fact Bungie is increasing the price of Seasons. “Taking massive shortcuts with the new guns and the servers being horrible unreliable at the same time they’re upping the price of seasons to $15 is such a bad look” says Swordbreaker925.

The OP does concede that re-using weapons isn’t inherently a bad thing, but they believe Bungie’s “limits the creative scope of weapon designers” as well as worsening loot fatigue for loyal players who’ve stuck around with the game for a long time. Other users have also suggested that potentially the reason for this is so that the studio can focus its weapon designing energy on Bungie’s recently announced revival of Marathon.

Fans are surely hoping for some more variety in legendary weapons soon, especially to help them gear up for Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion, which we learned this week will see the unlikely resurrection of fan-favourite character Cayde-6. In the meantime, the game has just released its latest season – check out our guide to how to get the Season of The Deep artifact in Destiny 2.

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