EA vice president and Visceral's general manager, Glen Schofield, has revealed to GameSpot that acclaimed survival horror title Dead Space has sold around 1.4 million copies worldwide.

"I'm happy with that, based on the economy," said Schofield. "Last year could've been one of the greatest launch years in the history of video games around October time, but it was a year where people bought less games than they normally would."

Schofield added that while the units sold says 1.4 million, other factors add up to make Dead Space even more successful.

"Do I wish it sold more? Absolutely," said Schofield. "But the critical acclaim and the number of awards - we're at 75 and counting now - have made [Dead Space] bigger than just the number of sales. If you look at used sales and rentals, we're looking at probably 3 or 4 million people who have played the game."

While a sequel to Dead Space is still to be announced, Visceral Games is working on a prequel, Dead Space: Extraction for Wii.

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