Dead Space 3 will offer Kinect voice control functionality when it launches in February 2013, EA and Visceral Games have announced.

Players will be able to bark commands such as "find partner", "fire stasis" and "attack enemy" in order to help a friend - in co-op play you'll be able to give each other health or ammo, find objectives, revive one another and more.

"The voice commands in Dead Space 3 give players a unique way to take down the terror, whether they choose to face the Necromorphs alone in single-player, or alongside a friend with drop-in / drop-out co-op," said Steve Papoutsis, executive producer on Dead Space 3 and VP, general manager of Visceral Games. "Dead Space 3 delivers the action-horror experience our fans have come to know and love. And with the ability to survive the adventure alone, with a friend, or with Kinect, we're excited about extending the spine-tingling Dead Space experience to a whole new audience of players."

Players that choose to play with a co-op partner will experience additional story details, side missions and gameplay mechanics only found when playing as new character John Carver.

Dead Space 3 will be released in Europe on February 8 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


Source: Press release

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