Deep Silver creative director Guido Eickmeyer believes that the controversy surrounding Dead Island Riptide's vulgar Zombie Bait Edition was "blown out of proportion", describing the bloodied female sculpture as nothing more than a "fun idea".

Discussing the edition in a Reddit AMA, Eickmeyer said that the Zombie Bait edition "was just a fun idea. This is something that comes up if fans work on what they love to do," he said. "It was blown out of proportion in the end and we learned our lesson, but it was not meant to be controversial. It was just us nerds doing something we always wanted to do.

"Dead Island is not a super-serious world," he continued, "it is about fun. So yeah, we would not do it again probably".

Dead Island Riptide's Zombie Bait Edition hit the headlines in January for its inclusion of a sculpture of a decapitated, female torso.

Deep Silver later apologised for the "gruesome" statue and said that it "sincerely regret[ted] this choice."

It chose not to withdraw the edition from sale, however, despite claiming that it was "deeply sorry" and "committed to making sure this will never happen again".

Dead Island Riptide launched in April and, according to our review, "in some ways... is worse than the original".

A MOBA spin-off, Dead Island: Epidemic, is due for release next year.


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