Dead Space remake studio EA Motive may also be working on another “exciting new project”

Dead Space remake studio EA Motive may also be working on another “exciting new project”
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EA’s Motive studio may be hard at work on the upcoming Dead Space remake, but it looks like it’s already got more games in the pipeline.

That’s thanks to listings spotted on the EA Motive job website by GameRant. The Montreal-based studio appears to be hiring for a Narrative Director to join the team in the early stages of “an exciting new project where story plays a central role”. The person selected will be responsible for “creating the narrative experience of our game”. The team is also looking for an AI Gameplay Designer, which reveals the “AAA project” to be in its early stages.

While neither listing gives away what the mysterious project is, they don’t mention Dead Space either, leading to the speculation it’s a separate project. This is further solidified by a separate listing for a Lead Technical Designer that does mention the upcoming Dead Space remake by name.

What EA Motive’s new project could be then, is entirely up in the air at this point. There’s plenty of possibilities, and we can imagine a few people wouldn’t mind a sequel to Star Wars: Squadrons. Perhaps, depending on how well the Dead Space remake does, we could see an entirely new entry in the saga of Issac Clarke? For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

EA Motive confirmed and unveiled the Dead Space remake back in July of last year. While we’ve only seen glimpses of it so far, we were told back in September we wouldn’t get our next look until 2022. Four months have passed and it’s now 2022, so hopefully there’ll be more to share soon. The Dead Space remake will arrive on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC, whenever it does.