Dead by Daylight – Resident Evil Project W release date CONFIRMED

Dead by Daylight – Resident Evil Project W release date CONFIRMED
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Behaviour Interactive has confirmed asymmetrical multiplayer horror Dead by Daylight will welcome its latest Resident Evil crossover on August 30.

The team kept it simple and to the point in their announcement. They simply dropped an image for Chapter 25 with the date and a pair of sunglasses emoji, representing new killer Wesker.

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Here’s everything we know about Dead by Daylight Chapter 25 – Resident Evil: Project W.

Dead by Daylight Chapter 25 – new killers & survivors

With its feet firmly planted in the horror genre, Dead by Daylight is no stranger to crossovers. It’s not even the first time Capcom’s Resident Evil has appeared in the game. Back in May of last year, Behaviour added Nemesis, Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine as Chapter 20’s killer and survivors, respectively.

Chapter 25 has been dubbed Resident Evil: Project W. It’ll see the addition of Albert Wesker as The Mastermind as this chapter’s killer. Going up against him will be Ada Wong, the red-dress wearing fan-favourite double agent. Joining her is Rebecca Chambers, the spunky STARS medic from Resident Evil 1 and 0.

This version of Wesker will be similar to that last seen pushed into a volcano in Resident Evil 5. That is to say, he’ll have plenty of his Uroboros powers like a quick dash and tentacles. In fact, any survivor unlucky enough to be hit by his dash will be infected with this virus, slowing them down considerably.

Map wise, the new chapter will see the return of the Raccoon City Police Department map introduced during Chapter 20. However, it’s getting some quality of life changes to improve it for this go around. These changes, Behavior revealed, include chopping it down to two smaller maps. However, both maps will also have new areas, including exterior portions, to explore.

Dead by Daylight Chapter 25 release date

Behaviour has confirmed via the official Dead by Daylight Twitter account that Chapter 25 Resident Evil: Project W will go on the live servers from August 30, 2022.

Back in June the studio put out a Year 7 Roadmap detailing their intended schedule for the rest of 2022 as well. For now, you can check out the trailer below.