The development of Darksiders 2 cost THQ $50 million, according to the company who bought the IP from the defunct publisher last year.

Speaking about the money invested into the 2012 action-RPG in this week's issue of MCV, Nordic Games owner Lars Wingefors revealed that "THQ spent $50m making Darksiders 2. We can produce a product of the same quality but for a lower cost. $50m is ridiculous, I can't afford that."

Nordic bought a range of THQ IPs in early 2013, including Darksiders, Red Faction, Destroy All Humans and more.

But as well as buying the IPs Nordic announced earlier this year that it had also acquired the THQ brand, a deal Wingefors says was the best deal of his life.

"The THQ deal was the best I ever made," he continued. "I spent $5m from my own bank account. It was a lot of money for me, but we got the money back very quickly."

Nordic has yet to announce its plans for the future of Darksiders.

Source: MCV | Issue 805

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