Cyber Monday gaming chair deals (Steelcase Leap V2 & Secretlab)

Cyber Monday gaming chair deals (Steelcase Leap V2 & Secretlab)
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For many of us – Black Friday weekend means sitting hunched over a desk looking at different retail sites, but why not capitalise on a Cyber Monday gaming chair deal to make that experience comfortable and enjoyable?

We’ve found deals on the best chairs including the Steelcase Leap V2 and from Secretlab, who have thankfully furnished our offices.

A gaming chair is a key piece of furniture for anyone who spends hours playing games at a desk, or even for anyone who sits at a desk writing or working all day.

We’ve seen the effects that proper lumbar support has on the body, and the added comfort designed into Secretlab chairs is incomparable.

Credit: Secretlab

The above photo details their rigorous testing procedure ensuring that each chair is perfectly tuned for someone to be sat on it for innumerable hours a day.

Who makes the best gaming chairs – Secretlab or Steelcase?

Our personal recommendation leans in the favour of Secretlab – who design the best gaming chairs without a doubt. Comfortable and ergonomic – they’re also the cheapest option in a world crammed full of chairs that cost upwards of $1000+. We’re looking at you, Steelcase.

Why are Steelcase chairs so expensive?

Steelcase are a premium brand, and their chairs do offer the quality and comfort that they claim to provide. However, often with designer office-ware brands such as Steelcase and Herman Miller you’re likely to be charged premium prices for this.

The guarantee they provide is often aimed at corporate entities who can afford to splash that on a chair – we’re looking at you, CEOs and Directors.